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Elucify has just been acquired by Circleback! Check out the announcement here.
Never waste time searching for prospect emails again.
Find any business email address. Target your leads with laser precision.
“Used by 20% of B2B Unicorns”
“Top product by market share in the Email Finder category”
“In my opinion, Elucify's leads are equivalent or even better than the leads my sales team spends hours finding manually. I can't believe a service this great is provided to us free of charge.”
Paul Kleen - Head of Growth, Paperspace
“Fast, free and accurate. I've worked with many vendors who charge more for less. The amount of time and money saved makes Elucify a no-brainer for sales teams.”
Talha Husayn - Sales Lead, Neptune
“Elucify has been a great help to Clover by providing high quality targeted leads. It's the only tool we found where the contact information is actually fresh and accurate.”
Daria Evdokimova - Co-Founder and CEO, Clover Intelligence